The Skeleton Key: Anchor

When you’re ready for absolute clarity.

See if this resonates:

You have a sense of what you want to be, but are looking for direction and purpose.  You need to figure out what you do and how you do it. You desperately want to claim a title but you wouldn’t even know how to craft a title from the many different passions and projects you either currently have, or want to create. You know you want to create meaningful work that gives you financial success, but you can’t quite figure out how to trust yourself enough to turn those ideas into a business, or to go out and do what it takes to get the job you want.

You are looking for practical and logistical help to…

turn ideas into reality.

hone your ability to trust yourself even in the midst of all the shit life hands out.

piece together the multiple parts of all the things you do for money and for love into one coherent statement that truly encapsulates you and your work.



The body is the tool that unlocks and balances all of this.

If you are ready to align all the various aspects of your life and work into a cohesive vision, then The Skeleton Key is for you.


The Skeleton Key: Anchor is an 8 week personal coaching series that gets you into your bones and creates the structure to grow your dreams.


Focused direction for your actions. Clarity on all the moving pieces. Tools to dig way down to the root of what moves you. And by the end, a clear purpose and mission statement for your work that sends your bones tingling with the rightness of it all.


Here’s what it looks like:

Over 8 weeks, you and I will meet for personal hour-long phone sessions 7 times (there is one week without a phone session, and you’ll understand why when we’re in the process.)

In the phone sessions, we’ll explore various details of the trajectory and visions for your work, and also what’s getting in your way, and why, and what to do about it.

Between sessions, you’ll have exercises to guide you through different aspects of articulating your dreams for the future and the ways those dreams weave through all the various aspects of your work and life.


By the end of the 8 week series, you’ll have a greater connection to your dreams and desires, a richer sense of comfort in your own skin, and importantly, you’ll know from deep in your bones the true purpose of your work.

And that is the key that unlocks all the doors.


Ready? Let’s get started. 

The first step of the process is one you can begin right now, no purchase or commitment necessary.

Download the workbook Embodied Wanting. It’s an exercise in figuring out what you really want, and why it really matters. And it’s the first step of The Skeleton Key. If you get good insights from the first step, I have every confidence you’ll get real benefit from the full course.

Download the workbook here. 



Sliding Scale: $700-900*

*Anything paid over the minimum of the sliding scale goes into the Embody Yes Love It Forward Fund, a program that serves as a scholarship fund to create greater accessibility to these programs. Contact me to learn more or apply for a grant from the fund:


Ultimately The Skeleton Key lead me to the heart of my existence, which gives me strength and power in knowing myself, what I stand for, and why.

Before starting The Skeleton Key with Abigail, I wasn’t sure what path I wanted to take. I felt completely lost. I wasn’t feeling satisfied in the place (geographical) or ways I was living (on some level I already knew this before entering the course) but felt paralyzed as to how to make the changes necessary in order to feel differently about my life and the efforts I was/am making… and I didn’t really know WHY I wanted other things. Now I feel more sure of the direction I am moving. I have more self confidence and clear sense of what I want and how to get it. I don’t feel blocked by certain patterns of thinking or existing, I know how to live a balanced life that gives me energy and insight into my daily life and future endeavors.

Erin Gamet, yoga teacher, doula