The revolution has begun. And the revolution must be embodied.

And if at times if feels we’re just getting started, the truth is, we’ve been in this for a long time, and there’s a long way to go

This means a few things.

One: build your resources.

Look to the people who’ve been doing this for years. Diversify your media. Gather your teachers of all kinds. Cull out the voices that are just noise. Beware anyone who implies any of this is new, or just getting started, or straightforward in any way. Listen to the voices who are unafraid to speak the whole, uncomfortable truth, and listen closely.

Two: Take actual action.

It’s easy to get stuck in the fear and stay there. But the best antidote to fear is action. Take it daily. Get clear on what you need and do your best to stock up on it. Get your first aid kits and your bug out bags together, literally and figuratively. Organize your paperwork. Know where you stand. It’s a hell of a lot harder to stand your ground if you don’t know where your ground is.

Three: Grow your resilience.

This, among many things, means getting into the body and finding comfort there. This might sound like a pretty idea. But the truth is it isn’t, it’s central to the work, and it’s available right here and now. And if we’re going to be in this fight for the long haul we’re going to need to take comfort where we can get it. We can get it in the center of our own bones.

This also means getting used to not having a clear way forward. There are no answers in the back of the book. We can look to our teachers both living and mythical for inspiration, but at the heart of it, no one knows exactly how this story plays out. This isn’t the movies, so hoping for a cinematic moment of glory is at best futile and at worst a lullabye that keeps us soft and complacent. Going into the center of your bones helps with this too.

Of course I’m writing about Trump and the global shitstorm that seems to be on a precipice of getting far more intense than we really have imagination for. But I’m also talking about your work, the straightforward ways you use your energy to pay the bills and help your community. How we do one thing is how we do everything. As you get going on this new year, consider how your work is your action, your resistance, and your prayer.

I’ve made a few things that can help: The Embodied Business Courses are straightforward, action-based plans to help you get in your body to get clearer on your business. Things like understanding how you spend and earn money, and having crystal clarity on the foundations of what your business stands for and who it aims to serve. And ideas on how to turn regret into a tool for your growth, rather than a weight pulling you down. They’re affordable, $8-$29, or get the bundle deal. 50% of sales are donated to various non-profits working to protect human rights and the environment. Learn more at There are some freebies on that page as well.

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We’re in this together. So let’s do this, together.