Your work is either tied to your resistance or it is perpetuating they systems we are fighting against.

This merging of your work and your resistance isn’t just an abstract idea for selfies or hashtags or sales funnels. It’s a patient, unending commitment to going under the surface to the heart of things. It’s a readiness to drop into the uncomfortable sensations of being alive. It’s a dedication to feeling what we feel as we feel it- even when what we feel isn’t pretty or nice. It’s an honesty about the full spectrum of our lives instead of some shiny hologram, not because we’re going for #authenticity, but because we’re human, and humans are messy and flawed.

It doesn’t matter if you make bread or make websites, if you teach preschoolers or yoga students. It doesn’t matter if you have one job or a handful of hustles. It doesn’t matter how many zeros are attached to your paycheck, or if you’re even getting paid. What you do is either aiding the resistance, or it is perpetuating what we are resisting against.

Untangling ourselves from the system that seeks to destroy us all is at times done in broad strokes, but more often done with a razor’s edge. That edge can be found by going into the body, our actual skin and bones and guts, and learning to sit with what we discover there without turning away or trying to turn it into a pretty story.

The system wants us to toe the line while hungry and afraid. And this system isn’t just present in Washington politics. This system is present in any sales technique that preys on fears and scarcity. This system is present in white feminism and the insidious ways it weaves into marketing. This system is present in the fetishization and eroticization of suffering, and the appropriation of that into #bossbitch and #gypsylife and endless other hashtags that seek to build an empire from other peoples’ pain. This system is present in any business that preys on human desires of love and connection to sell false promises at high price points.

An embodied awareness in your life and business won’t undo these systems all alone. No amount of comfort in our own skin and bones can do that. What it can do is give us agency. And with this agency, we can ask the hard questions and sit with the answers as they come. We can mess up and learn from our mistakes rather than searching for ways to pretend they never happened. We can put our skin in the game even when we know we’re going to get burned.

This isn’t just a pretty idea. This isn’t an Instagram challenge. Getting radically present in ourselves is what will give us the resilience and the strength to see us through what’s coming, in our lives, our work, and our resistance.

Getting into the body and inhabiting ourselves from a deep place of acceptance can be difficult. Facing the pain of the world as it’s carried in our own skin and bones is not an easy task. But it can be a profoundly beautiful experience. It can offer an ease and tranquility unlike any other. That ease and comfort in turn offers an immunity to the pushes of capitalism that rely on a certain amount of self-loathing to sell everything from cars and perfume to coaching programs and retreats. And if we are in the business of selling any of those things, getting into the body and inhabiting ourselves from the inside out will give us the ability to sell what we make without falling into the same patterns this current system is built on. Our work will be given an opportunity to live as separate from the structures that seek to destroy us. Our work becomes our active resistance, as well as our paycheck.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do have some places to begin. If you want them, I’ve got courses you can do on your own, or we can dive in together one-on-one. There are more details here.

It’s been bad, and it’s getting worse. So we have to get even better. We can do this. We have to.

So let’s do this.