Thoughts from past and present clients:

The exhilaration. The YES moments. After working with Abigail I am generally more confident and sure of myself, and my path. This attitude ripples out to my loved ones, my friends, my community- I feel more connected to my light and thus I am able to offer light to those in need when before I had felt so dimmed I had little light to share. I feel more connected to myself and everyone around me.

Biz Hallett, dancer, choreographer, Ludo-sport Instructor

Abigail has an ability to help me relax around my thoughts. She is open and responsive and intuitive. She has an incredible ability to see the situation clearly and help find the way back to your path.

Before working with Abigail I felt rather overwhelmed. Everything was swirling around and I had stacks of books and papers that I would sort through and give up because I couldn’t get a handle on it. I was terrified I would give up because I was afraid to to put myself out there in the conversation. Afraid to be seen. And at the same time I felt sort of alone. When I heard about Abigail’s work I just felt a spark of something that this might help me, someone to help me sort through my thoughts

The biggest effect was this HUGE spark of renewed enthusiasm for my project. Even though I really wanted to do it before, the project felt untamable and I could not figure the way IN, the way into the meat of the thing. Even during our first phone conversation I was so relieved and so enthused about what had become almost a burden, to carry around this thing I wanted to do but I just could not get the right focus. Wham! Bam! Abigail picked out a few words that I had written and she said “this is it” and I thought, yes! of course! I think it because ultimately life is about connection and relationship and the alchemy of being more than yourself. I needed another perspective and Abigail gave that to me.

This coaching relationship allowed me a platform to air my ideas and frustrations and ultimately saved me so much time. Otherwise I would have been stuck in the same grind, the same worries over and over again and the same patterns…..Get Unstuck…Get Abigail!

Katherine Tancredi, founder Yoga Therapy for Eating Disorders

Ultimately The Skeleton Key lead me to the heart of my existence, which gives me strength and power in knowing myself, what I stand for, and why.

Before starting The Skeleton Key with Abigail, I wasn’t sure what path I wanted to take. I felt completely lost. I wasn’t feeling satisfied in the place (geographical) or ways I was living (on some level I already knew this before entering the course) but felt paralyzed as to how to make the changes necessary in order to feel differently about my life and the efforts I was/am making… and I didn’t really know WHY I wanted other things. Now I feel more sure of the direction I am moving. I have more self confidence and clear sense of what I want and how to get it. I don’t feel blocked by certain patterns of thinking or existing, I know how to live a balanced life that gives me energy and insight into my daily life and future endeavors.

Erin Gamet, Yoga Teacher, Doula

Before deciding to do the Skeleton Key, I felt frustrated, depressed, upset at myself, and hopeless. When I thought about what I wanted, I was coming up empty. I had lost touch with myself. I chose to do the Skeleton Key because I was wanting to get in touch with what I want, to have clarity on what I want for myself — specifically in regards to work + profession but also in my relationship and my life in general.

Now I feel more empowered through being more connected to what I want. I feel less scared or hesitant to want, I feel less shame for wanting, and I feel more ownership over what I do want (and don’t). In my personal life, the biggest effect of the Skeleton Key has been being able to understand what I want in a deeper way. I no longer only take my wants or impulses at face value (even though sometimes I really just want ice cream), but rather I have developed a curiosity and inquisitiveness about what I want that gives me deeper insight into what is really going on for me. It is a fun, interesting, inspiring, and often surprising practice that brings me closer to myself. The Skeleton Key got me on a path towards myself.

Maria Walsh, anti-racism educator, musician, surfer

Get yourself an appointment with Abigail ASAP. She’s like your best girlfriend, wise therapist, and no bullshit mentor all rolled into one. However you should only see her if you *actually* want transformation in your life, because she has the clarity and tools and support to make it happen. Amy Reed, E-RYT 500

Abigail helped me articulate and refine my career goals and my next steps forward. Her depth of knowledge and range of resources were extremely helpful in aiding my transition from “dream” to “reality”. She’s honest, thoughtful and sharp–a perfect coach to get me off the bench and into the game. Molly Kitchen, Yoga & Ayurveda educator

Before working with Abigail, I didn’t even know what I wanted, I had a vague idea of what it was, but I had never asked myself the deeper questions -the essence of it- and doing that located me on my own personal map on a whole different level.

The biggest effect of this work in my personal life has been a key moment in my life to really explore more of who I am and feel a true connection to my soul. It forced me to sit down and dig deep, and I’d never done that before. I thought I had, but having it so specific and focused on me and my life projects helped me know myself better and create a confidence inside me. The personal and the work aspect of my life were both integrated at the same time, rather than being held as two separate worlds. I am who I am personally, and I am who I am professionally, and I am not separate. Abigail asks some very challenging questions, and these questions have led me to really tap into what is my soul quest. The direction of the exercises and the questions challenged me at my heart and my soul level, not just at an intellectual level. Abigail empowered me and enriched the language from my soul to my mind.

Lucie Canuel, co-owner of Meshico Magico Tours

Abigail brings a very real and grounded vibe, which we all know is often missing in the world of coaches and yoga goddesses. Her love for her work shines through everything she says, and inspires others to keep digging until they find that certain something that will make them sing in the same way. She is realistic, never trying to sugar coat a difficult situation or claim there’s a fast and easy way out. She is easy to talk to, easy to connect with and just downright fabulous. Kathryn Slater, RYT

Abigail as coach is simultaneously like an encouraging friend and a knowledgeable mentor. Friendly, at ease with herself, and able give you both realistic assessment and the cheerleading we all need as we find our path forward. Digging into the “why” underlying the process of building a life of my own design really gave me more clarity of purpose and understanding… And her encouragement to be very honest with myself about what I want my life to look like helps me sort my actual desires from the ambitions others– or society in general– have said are worth going for.

Tina Antolini, Peabody-Award-winning storyteller and radio producer.

The work I did with Abigail was less about development of a resume or a specific job path, but more about how to ask myself more questions, and find more clarity by digging deeper. Through this process I became more comfortable with my questions, my answers, and beyond those specifics the process of asking and answering to myself. I developed a mission statement and this provides me with a filter through which to assess my options and choices about work I will/want to do and work I might forgo doing because it isn’t really relevant to me right now. The practice of asking and answering is my biggest revelation; it’s like being trained to open my eyes—upon myself.

Sarah Buttenwieser, Author

Abigail offers the rare blend of soft generosity and no nonsense honesty that makes her sessions so powerful. She quickly zeroed in on important sticking points in my life and helped me gently move through them. Most of all, it never felt like work, and somehow she kept my sense of play engaged through the whole process. I couldn’t be more grateful for her insight and help. Dr. Adam Brady, DPT

Abigail has inspired me to dream big, ask for what I want, and create a plan for myself to achieve my dreams. She has guided me through challenging situations and been a beacon of light at the end of a seemingly endless dark tunnel. She draws from her in-depth knowledge of yoga philosophy and practice, anatomy of the physical and emotional body, and life experience as a self-made business woman, to guide her clients towards realizing their highest worth and potential. She models grace with humility – and a sense of humor! Abigail will light the path but she will not hold your hand; she will show that you have the strength and skills to do it yourself. Sunny Hitt, The Dance Cartel NYC

With laughter and an easy confidence, Abigail helps us find our clearer, stronger, more fluid path. Jessica Cook, dancer, photographer

Abigail’s willingness to inquire, practice, accept, and not know is representative of her inner strength. The intelligence with which she approaches her work keeps her fresh and alive in her teaching. Patty Townsend, founder of Embodyoga®

Abigail is nothing but thorough. She is patient and genuine in her approach. I think that the most telling aspect of her teaching is that she is sincere, she sincerely wants to help her clients achieve their goals. Elizabeth Slowinski, LCSW

I will be forever grateful to Abigail for truly teaching me to fly. Samantha Peetros, Esq.

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