Your body has the answers your mind is searching for.

Youe body is the support you need to grow and thrive.


Learning to listen to and work with your body’s innate intelligence is more than just a pretty idea.

It’s the way to know what you want, and how to create a successful life that truly works for you.

It’s the way to gain clarity on what you offer, how to offer it, and how to put your work into the world.

It’s the difference between collapsing under the weight of your dreams and moving fluidly and creativity through all the joys and pains of growing.

The Embodied Life Method offers the key to all this and more.

To find yourself and do your brilliant work,

…your mind needs a better system for making decisions than simply “follow your heart,”

…your heart needs more support than just affirmations and a vision board,

…your vision needs a bigger container than the hollow glitz served up by the dominant culture.

And your body has so much to say on all of this, if you’re able to listen.

This works for the practical dreamers. The people with big visions who wonder how to make it happen, especially when the reality of bills and responsibilities can’t be ignored.

This works for the wide-eyed skeptics. The people who know the world is a gorgeous, spectacular place full of joy and wonder, but also downright fucked up, and gratitude lists alone won’t solve the very real and significant problems we face.

This works for the people who believe a better world is possible and understand it will require consistent and valiant effort, and that we are each capable of creating radical, lasting change, both personally and on a larger scale. That in fact, this is our responsibility. 

The moment we acknowledge the challenges and face the fears, we become stronger. Our visions gain clarity. Our work gets the edge it needs to cut through the bullshit and the noise.

We get there through first finding a deep well of comfort in our own skins, and a radical acceptance of who we are.

I’m not going to promise a formula for success or even that you’ll always like what I say. I’m not going to promise you can go through the process once and then set it on a shelf and forget it. Creating an authentic relationship with yourself and then extending that awareness through you to the world is an ongoing, evolving process.

But it’s worth it. Developing a relationship with yourself at the level of radical acceptance is key to creating work the world needs, in a way that nourishes you inside and out. It takes effort, but it’s worth every ounce of that effort. That I will promise.

I believe completely in the power of being present in the body. I believe in the radical nature of taking support from our own bones and finding resilience in the beat of our own hearts. I believe in rich wisdom comes with being still and willing to listen.

I don’t for one second believe it’s all easy. I don’t believe in endpoints, or that guarantees exist.

I do believe making the choice to turn towards ourselves will make us better.

You will be better at your craft, and beyond that, a better friend, a better lover,  a better parent (to whatever creatures you parent, human, animal or plant), a better teacher and a better student, (we’re all teachers, we’re all students), and just generally a better human.

And I believe the world needs that now, desperately.

It’s my belief and my experience that knowing how to be present with yourself will improve your work and bottom line, but more importantly, it will improve your relationship with yourself, and with the world around you.


Together we’ll craft a foundation to to support a radically re-envisioning of your relationship  with your body, and from there, with all the different aspects of your life and work.

Because you matter. Your voice matters.

And the world doesn’t want to wait any more.

I believe in the power of radical embodiment. And I believe in you.

So let’s do this.

Let’s be brilliant.

Here’s how we can begin:

The Skeleton Key:

an 8 week series designed to give you a deep foundation in your life’s purpose, and a sense of support from the very center of your bones. If you struggle to articulate what you truly stand for, The Skeleton Key is for you. Learn more about that here. 

Embodiment Coaching:

personal coaching to give you the muscle to build your work and take it out into the world. We’ll be able to determine with absolute clarity where you are, where you’d like to be, and the steps to take you there, while you learn how to listen to the wisdom of your body at a level that is no less than revolutionary. If you’re looking for the support to take your life to the next level, this style of coaching is for you. Learn more about what it’s like here.

Leadership Mentoring:

for those who are ready to take the message of their work to a wider audience, without losing themselves in the process. This is where we explore the intersectionality of your work, and the ways you have a responsibility to your audience to build and hold your position of leadership with integrity and inclusivity. This is for people who are ready to hone their message and lead by example while growing their established businesses. COMING SOON.

You can email me with questions: abigail[at]

Or, read my very long personal story of how I got here.