BREAK THROUGH with brilliance.

GROW YOUR BUSINESS from your bones.

LEAD with a resilient heart.

Imagine a way to know yourself and grow your business, using your body’s innate wisdom as your guide.

Discover the resilience necessary for your work to shine. Cultivate a deep trust in your own abilities that radiates from the very center of your bones, and with every beat of your glorious heart.



Embodied Business is the synthesis of mindfulness and business strategy.

Whether you’re only just beginning, looking to expand your current business, or ready to lead with nuanced clarity, Embodied Business offers the key to move your business to the next level with the support of your entire body and mind.

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Embody Yes: A Pay It Forward Fund

My coaching services are offered on a sliding scale. This sliding scale is a little different than most. Here’s the deal: Accessibility matters. Creating a false sense of authority and very real exclusivity through high price-points is not a business model I believe...

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Your work must be your resistance.

Your work is either tied to your resistance or it is perpetuating they systems we are fighting against. This merging of your work and your resistance isn’t just an abstract idea for selfies or hashtags or sales funnels. It’s a patient, unending commitment to going...

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The revolution must be embodied.

The revolution has begun. And the revolution must be embodied. And if at times if feels we’re just getting started, the truth is, we’ve been in this for a long time, and there’s a long way to go This means a few things. One: build your resources. Look to the people...

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